The Charlatan of Credentials: Gary Young

Recently, I discovered that one of my favorite essential oil brands has, well, a less than a reputable past. Gulp. In fact, police reports on Young Living’s founder and CEO Gary Young reveal that he is guilty of promoting fake medical licenses, sham certifications, and even phony diplomas.

At first, I didn’t want to believe what I was hearing about Gary Young, so I decided to sleuth around a bit to find his vindication. Instead, I uncovered two archived newspaper articles that pushed me over the edge.

You can check them out yourself here: Spokesman Review—October 28, 1986 and LA Times—October 23, 1987. Below is a brief summary of their disturbing contents:

In 1983, Gary Young was arrested in Spokane (a second time) for practicing medicine without a license. On his brochures, Gary Young claimed to be a graduate of The American Institute of Physioregenerology. Sounds legit, right? Nope. But when asked for Gary Young’s records, the head of the Institute retorted that Gary Young only took a handful of classes, completed less than 1/3rd of the homework, and still owed $1,800 in tuition.

Apparently, the Spokane arrest didn’t phase Gary Young much, because up until 2002, Young Living’s website continued to described Gary as a licensed N.D. even though he only has a high school diploma!

Remarkably, it was only after a physician reported Gary’s statement to the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing (UDOPL), that Young Living removed the title N.D. on corporate website. Even then, a biography published prominently on Gary Young’s personal blog still states that he is a Utah Certified Neuropath?!?

Gary Young also stated he received his unique aromacology training from the Royal Masonic Hospital in London. Impressive, right? Wrong! The Royal Masonic Hospital has refuted this claim stating that they have no record of Gary Young at all!

Things get even more bizarre when you consider Gary Young’s boast that he received the prestigious Humanitarian Award from the State Medical Examiner’s Office of Baja, California. What an achievement, right? Oh no…Only six of these humanitarian awards have ever been presentedand Gary Young’s name is definitely not on the list of awardees. In fact, the State Medical Examiner’s Office has flatly denied that he was even considered.

So, to sum things up, if Gary Young is willing to fabricate his past to feign credibility, who’s to say that he wouldn’t meddle with his frankincense oil’s “purity”?

Don’t get me wrong, essential oils are my favorite way to harmonize our body’s healing processes. I’ve just decided that I cannot trust Young Living’s product.

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