A Colorful, Criminal Past: Gary Young

Over the past month I have come to reluctantly accept that Gary Young—the founder and CEO of Young Living—is not the man he claims to be.

The process of admitting that someone you admire is actually, well, a con artist, is painful. So, I understand the impulse to rationalize in his defense. (“He’s a great healer!” “You are just a hater!” “Where’s the proof?” etc.,)

Heck, I’m guilty of writing all of those comments myself. Yet, as more documents surfaced online, justifying it all became emotionally exhausting. I was practically carrying lavender oil everywhere I went.

Eventually, I had to come to terms with the fact that this man is a convicted psychopath. Yes, Gary Young was arrested not once, not twice, but five times (one of which involved threatening his own family members with an axe)! I have listed the sources below. Check them out; unfortunately, they’re all legit.

1981: First Arrest—Spokane, Washington

Gary Young was arrested and convicted for practicing medicine without a license at Golden Six Health World (his first clinic). Despite lofty claims to the contrary, Gary Young only has a high school diploma. He was sentenced to 30 days in jail and a year-long probation.

See Colwell C.D. State of Washington v. Donald Gary Young. In the Superior Court of the State of Washington in and for the County of Spokane. Information No. 83-1-0235-5; filed March 8, 1983.

1983: Second Arrest—Spokane, Washington

On March 9, Gary Young offered cancer treatment and prenatal care to an undercover cop. He was arrested by the Washington State Police Force for again practicing medicine without a license.

It was discovered that he distributed literature claiming he was a graduate of “The American Institute of Physioregenerology.” The institute’s founder went on record stating that Gary Young had dropped out after only a few classes and owed $1,800 in unpaid tuition fees.

Gary received a 60 day suspended sentence and another year probation.

You can read about this arrest here in the Spokane Chronicle.

1988: Third Arrest—Fife, Washington

Again, Gary Young was arrested for practicing medicine without a license. He served 60 days in jail and another year in probation.

You can find articles chronicling this arrest in the San Diego Union on March 8, March 11, and June 18.

1993: Fourth Arrest—Fife, Washington

Gary was arrested yet a fourth time for an unlicensed medical practice and plead guilty to the charges.

1993: Fifth Arrest—Spokane, Washington

On September 27, Young was terminated from Young Living, Inc. for fraudulent misrepresentation of himself as a doctor, misuse of company funds to support his personal endeavors, and overall erratic behavior.

Court and police records reveal that two days later, he returned to the company. He attempted to force entry into the office by removing a door’s hinge pins and battering at the door with the axe. He then shoved his second wife down the stairs and confronted his son and an employee at the back door with the axe. He had to be forcibly removed by the police. His shaken victims were each issued protective orders by the Superior Court of Washington.

In later court action in Utah County, Utah, several of Young’s family members including his mother, sister, and niece, filed sworn affidavits. These documents reveal that Young was physically abusive to his children (spanking them when they were infants and kicking them with his pointy-toed cowboy boots). Even his own mother went on record stating that he mentally and emotionally abused her.

Ultimately, I don’t know which is more disgusting: the truth behind Gary Young’s slick facade or Young Living’s continued cover up on his behalf.

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